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What is an NBN phone system?

NBN phone systems are the wave of the future, and with so many Australians adopting them it is no wonder that we have heard about these high-tech methods for making calls. Envision a system where your business can be truly mobile by using IP enabled phones connecting to an internet connection instead of having expensive landlines or cell towers in every office location. NBN phone systems come in two versions: Hosted Phone Systems (also known as a Cloud Phone System) which work on software hosted either at home or remotely; and Virtual PBXes where there’s more control over how things will operate but also require investment into hardware like servers, routers etc.

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What NBN Phone System should I choose?

The majority of customers who are purchasing an NBN Ready Phone System go for a Hosted Solution, and this is largely due to the convenience it provides. First off, unlike on-premise phone systems that require installation and maintenance from time to time with more technical know-how than some business owners have at their disposal, many businesses find Hosted Solutions much easier in those regards.

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Hosted NBN Phone System

As more and more businesses are becoming cloud-based, it is natural to see many of them looking for ways to implement a hosted system. With Hosted NBN Phone Systems there is no need for any expensive hardware because the smart features run off our servers in ‘the cloud’. Connecting is very straight-forward, all you need to do is plug your IP-enabled phone handset into an active internet connection and they will configure themselves automatically, no technical knowledge needed!

Traditional ‘On Premises’ Phone System

The traditional phone system has been around for decades, but it is not without its flaws. The box that lives in your office can be high-risk if disaster strikes the area. That’s why Hosted Solutions are becoming so popular because they use a variety of communication networks rather than just one network at any given time like on-premises systems do.

Traditional phone systems have what’s called a ‘hub’. The hub is basically the hardware that is located on-premises that connects via wires to each individual phone. The hub is very much tied to the location it is installed at, mobility is rather restricted.

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